Surf. Paddle. Explore

These three words define us as a company and keep us excited and inspired to start every new day on the water in our hometown backyard or across the world in a new destination. Surfing and paddling bring pure joy by channeling nature’s energy beneath our feet. Come ride with us and share our passion for riding waves and exploring the oceans and waterways of the world.  The raw addictive feeling of the glide changes and inspires us for the better to respect mother nature and protect our planet’s precious resources, all while enhancing our health and overall well-being. Our passion for playing on the water is our lifestyle and we hope to share this passion far and wide by designing quality boards and gear at revolutionary prices!

Company Mission

  • Always Focused on Surf & SUP — We believe surfing and paddling are the best forms of recreation in the world, and that’s why we’re focused on these sports exclusively. We don’t chase trends and we’re committed to bringing you the best quality products designed and tested by people who surf and paddle every day.
  • Always Rider Owned and Operated — Our mission from day one has always been to develop a quality selection of well-designed surfboards, paddle boards, and accessories for riders of all skill levels at revolutionary prices.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction, Bar None — We aim to offer our customers the highest level of service, selection, quality, and value through the most compelling online and in-store shopping experience possible.
  • Listen to Our Customers’ Feedback — We strive to continually improve to meet their demands. We treat our customers like gold, and when they talk, we listen.
  • Always Put the Customer First –Without them, we wouldn’t be in business!  If a customer has an issue, we do everything in our power to fix it.
  • Quality Products, No Gimmicks — We ride and use our products every day. Each product is thoughtfully designed with the best intentions and comes backed with our ironclad warranty.
  • Create a Highly Positive Work Environment — We’re dedicated to promoting a balance between work and an active lifestyle. We work hard and stay active in the water daily.
  • Protect the Planet & Give Back — Staying involved in programs to help conserve the ocean and planet while being conscious as a manufacturer of the byproducts of what we do and sell to make the least harm possible

Our Story

Just two San Diego surfers fresh out of college with nothing more than a dream of following our passion and some lint in our pockets, we decided to leave behind our newly found corporate jobs and haven’t looked back since. What started out in our parents’ storage unit back in 2004 has grown into a premiere board company and one of the largest online retailers of paddle boards and surfboards on Earth. From the start, we knew if we concentrated on developing high-quality, value-driven products we could make it work. Our outstanding track record over the years shows just how far we’ve come.

We now operate out of our own 15,000 square foot office and distribution center alongside our busy Retail Store in San Diego, CA. Always rider owned and operated, we are here to spread our love of surfing and paddling one happy customer at a time. We wake up excited to go to work every day. This translates into a positive company atmosphere, great products, and satisfied customers.

If you think we have missed our mark, we would love to hear from you.


Marc Miller & Doug Pate | ISLE Co-Founders