10′ Isle SUP Leash – Coil

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Be smart and get yourself a SUP leash! Respect other paddlers and have peace of mind knowing your paddleboard is close by during any spills or swims you may take. The coil leash eliminates any slack a traditional straight leash might normally have.

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Product Description

The Isle Stand Up Paddle Coil helps limit drag by keeping your leash up on the back of your board and out of the water. Features a double swivel urethane coiled cord, triple wrap rail saver and precision molded stainless steel fittings. Also includes a bonus key stash pocket in the ankle strap.


  • Double Neoprene Cuff
  • Non Tangle Double Swivels
  • Molded Ends
  • 3mm Neoprene Pad
  • 8mm Polyurethane Coiled cord
  • Detachable Rail Saver with Triple Velcro Lock
  • Bonus Key Stash Pocket


  1. 5 out of 5

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    Great product and great price! I love the translucent yellow! I wish it came in more colors for all my boards 🙂

  2. 4 out of 5

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    Good solid leash for the ankle. It should have fit the D-ring on the back of a Isle board? I don’t really like the little rope on the end to fasten it to the board. Very well made and good Velcro fastening. It just is too big to pass through the D-ring without using the rope.

  3. 5 out of 5

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    I am posting this review/story in hopes others don’t make the same stupid mistake that I did that almost proved to be fatal

    I recently got an ISLE AirTech iSUP Board as present. Even thought the board was new, I am a fairly experienced Paddle Boarder ….. at the time, the ISLE sales person recommended that I get a leash; as the wind might quickly blow the board away if you fall into the water …. at the time, I did not think I was ever need such a leash.

    Like many people I see Paddle Boarding, I don’t wear a leash and only carry, but don’t wear a life-vest with me. I quickly became comfortable using the 11′ AirTech iSUP Board.

    Fast forward to last week (early August, 2016) during our vacation to the Yosemite National Park area. …..We drove into the park and decided take our iSUP Board out onto an alpine lake.

    I took my young son (who was 6 years old) out with me …. he was wearing a child’s life-vest ….. I only strapped my life-vest to the board ……The lake/ beach area was pretty crowded with people that day ….

    As my son and I went out onto the Lake, the wind picked up and the chop on the water increased …. I decided to turn around and start to bring the board back to the beach from where we started …… as we made the turn, with the wind at my back, I lost my footing and fell into the water …. the wind quickly blew the board away from me with my son still on it …..

    …. I immediately tried to start swimming back to the board, but with the cool water and the high altitude of over 8000 feet, I quickly became very tired …. I realized I was not going to get back to the board …. and started to struggle to just tread water …. and I quickly became almost totally exhausted ….. I was starting to drown ……

    …. By this time, we were about 200 feet from the shore of the lake ….. I prompted my son to start yelling my help …. I did the same …. by this time my son was obviously very scared …. though he was still on the board and was wearing his life-vest …. and the wind was pushing him back to the shore of beach from wear we started …. I on the other hand was starting to slip under the water.

    On that day, I believe there were Angels looking over me and my son that day …… there happened to be three off duty Yosemite EMT’s and a triathlete at the beach that day ….

    …. the triathlete got out to me very quickly to provide some support … two of EMT’s soon followed and were carrying a flotation device …. The three of them pulled me to shore …. The third EMT swim out to my son and pulled him and the board back to shore ….

    …. in the end, we were all safe …. though was I was within 1 to 2 minutes of drowning ….. if those EMT’s and triathlete where not there that day or we were farther out on the lake, this story could have ended very differently.

    I wrote this review as lesson to other’s who might think that would “… never happen to me …”, well I thought the say thing. Please take this reading this post as life lesson ….. GET A LEASH for board …. and ALWAYS WEAR, not just bring, some sort of PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE …

    Needless to say I am now an owner of leash and always wear it when SUP boarding ….. and I also now always wear, not just bring, a personal flotation device with me.

  4. 5 out of 5

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    These leashes are way nicer than the cheap-looking ones in sports stores. You’ll pay the same amount or even less for these, so might as well get the brand that matches your board. The coil is better on these, too.

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