MTI Fluid 2.0 Inflatable Belt Pack Life Jacket

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This is a U.S Coast Guard (USCG) approved life jacket. Outside of SUP surfing, you’re required to always have a USCG-approved life jacket with you while paddle boarding. Children 12 years or younger are required to wear a USCG-approved life jacket while paddle boarding.

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A U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket is required while paddle boarding for good safety reasons. This life jacket was designed to save your life, if by chance you fall off your paddle board and enter a dangerous situation in the water. This personal floatation device (PFD) is compatible for those who are 16 years or older and 80 lbs. & up. This PFD is compact and has a slim shape that fits snugly on your waist. If you’re in danger, all you must do is pull the yellow tab and your flotation device will inflate. Once inflated, you can easily place it over your head for a fast rescue. It’s designed with a zippered pocket, D-ring and Daisy Chain Attachment system for carrying your gear and water bottle.

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  • Slim shape fits comfortably on waist
  • Life jacket bladder is placed over head after inflation
  • Mesh liner stays cool, drys quick, and prevents chafing
  • Zippered pocket, Daisy Chain Attachment System and D-ring for carrying additional gear and water
  • Whistle and exterior holster included