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Jess actually has a PhD in biochemistry! Mike’s secret talent is he can play Frisbee with himself -- it's really something to see.

Jess & Mike

Jess and Mike are a newly married couple who made it a goal to simplify their life and fill it with adventure, embarking on a nomadic lifestyle in a self-converted camper van before their first wedding anniversary. In April 2017, they hit the road and haven’t looked back. As of December 2017, they have traveled through 41 states and parts of Canada, reaching all four corners of the U.S. A big part of van life for us is about being present in the moment and trying not to plan out every next step, but they hope to complete 49 states by next summer after thier trip to Alaska. Their philosophy is that life is too short to be unhappy. Since minimizing their possessions, they have a true appreciation for quality brands and products that fit their lifestyle.