Traverse City, Michigan
10'10 Glider
Type of Paddling:
Fun Fact:
Jessica is a die-hard SoulCycle Fan!

Jessica Bogart

Jessica was born and raised in Northern Michigan where she developed a passion for water at a very early age. You could find her at a beach every day — her front yard was Lake Michigan! At 18, she left her small hometown to attend college and moved to NYC after grad school. She spent many years in New York pursuing her career and professional dreams — and what a dream it was to pursue it there! NYC allowed her to truly find herself — and a big portion of that journey was finding fitness. Eventually, her passion for fitness developed into a passion for being active outdoors. This is what called her back home to Northern Michigan. She is an avid year-round paddler and is grateful to live in such a beautiful place surrounded by water to paddle and explore!