Austin, TX
Type of Paddling:
Fun Fact:
'MOLO' has become the name she's referred to more than her real name. Her track coach in high school coined the nickname at practice one day, and it's followed her ever since! She even has her own surfboard pro-model called the MOLO!

Morgan Lohmeier

Morgan Lohmeier, although her friends all call her MOLO, loves to seek out the adventure in life. On a typical day, she’ll be outside either hiking, paddling, surfing, or biking! She loves to travel and constantly finding new places to explore. Her two pups are always down to join the adventure, and you can find them swimming beside her while she paddles, running beside while she bikes, leading the way on hikes, or surfing with her on a wave! She believes in a life spent pursuing your passion and hopes to inspire others to get out there and do what they love.