San Diego, CA
Type of Paddling:
Fun Fact:
Tiffanie assists in cutting people open for a living!

Tiffanie Damian

Tiffanie was born in San Francisco and raised in San Diego, a Cali gal through and through. She moved around quite a bit- from the desert to the mountains, but always found her way back to the beaches of San Diego. A surgical technologist during the week and an adventure enthusiast by weekend. She is a huge advocate of the Great Outdoors- and will never take for granted what this place has to offer, both land and sea.

5 years ago, she moved to Pacific Beach  and has been paddling ever since. She enjoys taking her board out to the bay for sunset, or the ocean for a change in pace. She also loves practicing yoga on and off her board as well, as a added challenge.

She loves driving up to Tahoe for their crystal blue waters and mountain tops.