Which Style SUP is Right for You?

Which Style SUP is Right for You? Image
Anyone else in quarantine finding themselves daydreaming about gliding through sparkling waterways, breathing in the fresh air and getting a full-body workout outside of your home?  Yeah, us too.  Turns out, paddle boarding is a great way to boost your mental and physical health, while still maintaining social distancing. Depending on what your skill level […]...Read More

16 Dogs on SUPs

16 Dogs on SUPs Image
Nothing is better than getting on the water with your canine side kick, and if you’ve taken your pup paddle boarding before then you know how much fun it can be. We’ve rounded up some amazing photos of paddle boarding dogs for your viewing pleasure. Scroll on to see the top photos of our favorite […]...Read More

Grand Trunk X ISLE Surf & SUP Giveaway

Grand Trunk X ISLE Surf & SUP Giveaway Image
Giveaway Closed! Winner announced October 22nd: **Congratulations to our giveaway winner Brittany J. (@_brittanykayy) ! Sign up for our emails so that you can be the first to know about our next giveaway:   Brittany has claimed her prizes and has won the following: Prizes Won: A 2019 Scout Inflatable Paddle Board Hybrid 3 Piece […]...Read More

Ruffwear x ISLE Surf & SUP Summer Giveaway

Ruffwear x ISLE Surf & SUP Summer Giveaway Image
Win the ultimate SUP pup prize package! SUP pups and owners this one’s for YOU! Win the ultimate gear giveaway for dogs and paddlers who love being out on the water. We are teaming up with Ruffwear to give one lucky winner an ISLE Scout Inflatable Paddle Board from ISLE’s brand new 2019 Lineup along […]...Read More

Meet the ISLE team

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The people behind the brand Before LinkedIn, there was no way to tell where someone worked. It was pretty rare to see brands post about their employees unless you found yourself in an awkward corner of your local grocery store where a few framed “employee of the month” photos hung crooked on the wall. At […]...Read More