10 New Year’s Resolutions To Try With Your SUP

New Year’s resolutions–we all have them. Some of them recurring, some of them new, all of them somewhat intimidating and exciting at the same time. Countless studies show that only about 20% of resolutions are kept two years after making them. So what gives? Is it the pressure? The tension of giving ourselves a timeline?

Just maybe, we can allow ourselves to mess up. Just maybe, we can reframe our minds to look into the endless possibilities found within a New Year’s resolution, making it a more sustainable pursuit. So, whether you start today, on New Year’s Day, or halfway through the year, here are 10 New Year’s resolutions you can try with your paddle board.

1: Practice Relaxation

Rather than thinking of resolutions as something with an absolute timeline, we’d like to think resolutions are really just attempts at lifestyle changes; often changes that allow us to live life a little more freely. Whether we’re coming back from a stressful day at work, or in need of less screen time, your SUP is the perfect way to escape and spend more time on the water.

2: Meet Your Health & Exercise Goals

Time and time again, we make new goals to better help our bodies, and whether those goals have been met or not, our health will always matter. Implementing small, sustainable health goals into your life will yield to be highly beneficial in the long run. From getting into shape, releasing stress, and learning how to keep a good balance, there are so many reasons why paddle boarding is great exercise. Try introducing a daily or weekly paddle into your routine, meditate, or try a high-intensity workout on your SUP.

3: Start a Morning or Evening Paddle

In the midst of busy lives, to-do lists that pile sky-high, and growing stressors, our bodies are often burdened with the need to re-focus on what really matters, like our mental health. To live a life that’s better in balance, between mind, body, and soul, a morning or evening paddle routine is a great way to implement some time for your body to recenter itself at the start and end of the day.

4: Learn a New Skill or Improve Your Skill Level

One of the best parts about a paddle board is the versatility it offers. From doing yoga, to fishing, surfing, and many more types of fitness activities, learning a new skill, or improving your current skill level is a great way to take on a challenge that leads to so many adventurous possibilities. As we write resolutions that focus on bettering ourselves, our paddle board is just one of the many ways we can challenge ourselves to achieve even bigger goals.

5: Visit a New Body of Water

We can all agree that while the ocean is endless, so are the possibilities. Visiting a new body of water to paddle in gives us more reasons to take our SUP with us wherever we go to experience new waterways. An iSUP is perfect for travel on-the-go, and the best companion for resolutions that focus on traveling more.

6: Get An Adventure Journal

Some of the best stories left to tell are those that we’ve yet to live. Will you meet a group of backpackers on the way down to the water? Will you visit a new state with breathtaking views? How will you feel on your solo trip, paddling in a place you’ve never been? Taking an adventure journal out to the nearest ocean for your morning paddle, or across state lines to visit a new bay, is the perfect way to capture all the new memories that the coming year has in store.

7: Spend More Time With Loved Ones

Time is a gift—a lot of us have learned that lesson the hard way in the past few years as we’ve lost people we care about, possessions we valued, and more. No matter the circumstances, you’ll never regret spending more time with the ones you love. So, take your entire family out for a paddle on the Megalodon, or go out with friends and family as they join in on their own paddle board.

8: Try A New Hobby

Ever heard of FOMO? Dubbed as the “fear of missing out.” We’re all inclined to feel like there’s more out there for us, no matter our age or how adventurous of a life we’ve lived. However, we sometimes get restless in our pursuit of “more” so why not try a hobby that combats FOMO, and gives you rest? If you’ve been looking for that next big adventure, but also need a big dose of peace and balance, we’re glad to let you know that paddle boarding does just that.

9: Pay It Forward – Teach Someone How to Paddle

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or stranger on the street, we tend to pass things on. It could be a tradition, a sentimental gift, or a smile on the street, but whatever it is, we like to make it count. What better way to pay it forward, than to teach someone how to paddle board. Not only will you be spending time with a loved one, but you’ll be the one to show them just how many experiences can come out of spending time on your SUP.

10: Live Life to the Fullest

And finally, the resolution that has no start, and no stop—live your life to the fullest. At the risk of sounding like a cliché “live, laugh, love” home decor sign, don’t forget about the voice within you asking “what’s next?” Not the pestering kind either. The one that dares you to take on that lengthy hike, the one that stoked the curiosity in you to paddle, and the one that often tempts you to leave everything that feels comfortable, for everything that could be worth it.