10 Things You Can Do on a SUP

Posted on December 18, 2017 by Douglas Robichaud

Fun paddle board activities

Hold on a second… there are actually way more than 10 things you can do on a SUP. But unfortunately, there wasn’t enough white space on our computers to write out all the possibilities so we decided to give you our top 10.

If you aren’t keen on one SUP activity, we’re sure you will be stoked on another. It’s all about what you like, and with so many possibilities, you’re bound to fall in love with at least one of these activities.

Below are the most standard uses for a paddle board with a few fun ones added into the mix. If you can’t find one that you’re interested in, well then, you probably didn’t read the entire article.


SUP surfing is one of the most thrilling activities you can do on a SUP. When the waves are too small to shortboard, take a SUP out and triple your wave count. Surfers call it one of the best cross training options you can do to improve your surfing. Hard SUP surfing boards are the best option for SUP surfing because they will provide optimal performance with speed and maneuverability for catching and riding waves.

Hold on to your horses though. Don’t make one of the biggest SUP mistakes when SUP surfing. And if you’re interested in learning how to surf on a traditional board, check out our beginner’s surfboard guide!


There is a new way to enjoy fishing from the water. Whether you’re a fishing veteran or want to get into the sport, stand up paddle board fishing is the latest and greatest angler’s trend.

Today’s fishing paddle boards are decked out with everything you need for your day out on the water. You can get a paddle board equipped with scotty mounts to attach rod holders, bait trays, down riggers, fish finders and whatever else your little heart desires. Compared to kayak and boat fishing, SUP fishing offers many advantages that will enhance your fishing game.


Take your yoga practice to the water with SUP yoga. The occasional passing bird, fish or dolphin tend make things a bit more exciting compared to a traditional yoga practice. Plus, nature’s soundtrack will sedate you into a peaceful meditation.

You can practice yoga on any paddle board, but for the most comfort, we recommend an inflatable paddle board with a spacious deck pad.


Paddle boarding is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your loved ones outdoors. Most paddle boards have enough room for another person to join you on your paddle. Some paddle boards can support 5-7 paddlers at once. These are typically called multi-person paddle boards, which have enough room for your whole family to hop on board.

To help teach you how to paddle with your dogs and kids, we’ve created two separate guides: 1) How to Paddle Board with Your Dog 2) How to Paddle Board with Your Kids.


Believe it or not, SUP races are held around the world every year. If you have a more intense personality and like to go fast, then SUP racing might suit you (competitively or non-competitively). SUP race boards are longer and skinnier than your average paddle board and hold more volume.


SUP Touring entails paddling for long distances at a moderate pace without taking a break. If epic adventures (and intense workouts) excite you, then SUP touring is your next new hobby. The best touring boards have a wider template to float more weight and additional gear. Most touring SUPs have a distinct pointed nose.


Hammocraft makes it possible to attach your hammock to your SUP(s). And when you thought things couldn’t get any better. You can attach up to 5 hammocks across two paddle boards at once. Sign us up!


Explore unreal snorkeling spots with a SUP. Paddle along uncharted coastlines and discover crystal clear waters filled with an abundance of marine life. Use your SUP as a resting spot and anchor for your snorkeling or scuba diving endeavors.


There are so many romantic things you can do on a stand up paddle board. Watch a sunset, have a picnic or go on a weekend adventure to paddle somewhere new. Just don’t fall in and embarrass yourself.


Paddle boarding is one of the best all-around workouts that anyone can do. If you’re sick of your workout routines at your crowded gym, paddle boarding will be your new, exciting method for getting fit. No matter what type of paddle boarding you prefer, it will always be a workout. Find out how many calories SUPing burns. Also, paddle boarding isn’t only good for building strength, but it also has a many other health benefits.

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