5 Reasons the Megalodon is the Perfect Board for Fun Gatherings

The perfect board for any outdoor enthusiast! The Megalodon will turn heads as soon as it hits the water, this supersized board is loved by yogis, families, and friends. This ultimate party barge is equipped to handle a crowd, with all the space and features to accommodate your crew, and you’ll be able to bring additional gear along with you. See the Megalodon here.

Find your Balance

With the added volume, the Megalodon is a great platform for practicing yoga. With the constant movement of the water below you, you will get an added core workout!

Bring Friends and Family 

Enough room to fit 5 adults comfortably, the 15 foot Megalodon is the perfect board to pile on all of your friends.  Don’t have 5 friends you want to be on a paddle board with? The 12 foot Megalodon has just enough room to fit 3 adults and perhaps a furry friend. 

4 adults, baby and dog on paddle board

Host a Picnic

Park picnics are great, but what about a SUP picnic!? Load on your favorite snacks and friends to enjoy a meal out on the water.

woman having picnic on megalodon

Furry Friends Love This Board

This board is a furry fan favorite! With an ample amount of roaming room, your dog will be a SUP pup in no time! Check out our tips for getting your dog water ready.

man, woman and dog on large paddle board

Ultimate Relaxation Board

Nothing says fun in the sun like this supersized board! Throw your lawn chair, cooler, and any other day trip necessities for a full day out on the water– just don’t forget your SPF! Are you SUP adventure-ready? Find out more. 

man sitting on chair on large paddle board

No matter what, you will always have a good time!

This board is purely made for fun, you are sure to have a MEGA great time on this board. Jump in, laugh, and have a good time! What are you waiting for? Shop the Megalodon.

5 women jumping off large paddle board
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