Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Best Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

You’re now a proud stand up paddle board (SUP) owner, but have yet to discover the realm of epic paddle board accessories designed to enhance your next water adventure. From electric SUP pumps for inflatable paddle boards to roof racks for epoxy paddle boards, we list a ton of stand up paddle board accessory and gear you’ll need to make your life easier and simpler, perfect for the summer season.

Stand up paddle board accessories

Inflatable Paddle Board Accessories

1) BP20 Electric Pump with Chargeable Battery

We get it – pumping your inflatable SUPs by hand can be time consuming and a struggle (but a great workout!). Cut down on your time spent pumping up your inflatable paddle board and make your life easier by using this almighty, super rad, Electric Pump. Instead of it taking 10 minutes to inflate your paddle board, it will now only take a few. And…you will have more energy for paddling.

What makes this pump so special? Well, the high quality pump has a rechargeable battery built inside of it so you can inflate your SUP anywhere you please. This feature does make this pump pricier than most, but it’s quality makes it the most efficient and essential inflatable pump out there. Take your board out to the middle of Timbuktu, the pump will still work.


  • Built-in battery
  • Analog dial pressure selector
  • Carrying bag included

BP20 Electric Pump w/ Chargeable Battery

2) 12V Electric Pump

The next item on our list of must-have gear is an electric SUP pump for the frugal paddle boarder. Half the cost of the BP20, but this durable pump only works when hooked up to your car’s cigarette lighter or your car battery. Most of the time you will have your car with you at your favorite local paddle spot, so for many, this electric pump is golden.


  • Hooks up your car’s cigarette lighter or a 12-volt car battery
  • Pressure selector: digital screen with auto stop

ISLE 12V Electric Pump

3) UV SUP Sock

Next on our list is the UV SUP Sock. This stand up paddle board accessory is designed to protect your inflatable SUP from sun damage during those scorching hot summer days. Sun damage can vary from fading the vibrant colors on your board to damaging the seams. This SUP sock easily goes on in seconds because of it’s super stretchy adn ligth material. Fits inflatable SUPs, hard boards and soft top SUPs.


  • Lightweight protection for your inflatable paddle board
  • UV protection from the sun
  • Quick release draw string closure


Epoxy Paddle Board Accessories

4) SUP Day Bag

Protect your epoxy paddle boards from dings and heat damage with a lightweight tailored board bag. These durable board bags will provide you with the very best protection for your stand up paddle boards whether you’re traveling by air or car.


  • Internal stash pocket to carry and hold your accessories
  • Center carry handle with comfort grip
  • Detachable shoulder carry strap
  • White heat reflective bottom

Paddle board bag

5) Rack Pads and Strap

Rack pads and straps are the ultimate package for safely securing your board to the roof of your car. Get both the ISLE rack pads and straps which conveniently protect your boards from scrapes and dents during transportation.


  • Quick and easy Velcro closure system to secure your pad
  • Padded foam provides soft cushion for boards
  • Indestructible metal clamps

ISLE Rack Pads & Straps

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