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Benefits of Fly Fishing from a SUP

Posted on June 20, 2018 by Douglas Robichaud

Fly fishing from a stand up paddle board (SUP) will improve your fishing game substantially. If you fancy increasing your fish count and impressing friends with photos of fish you caught, then a SUP might be your new favorite way to navigate your local spots.


  1. Access to new fishing spots
  2. Enhanced field of vision
  3. Increased stealth
  4. Worry-free casting
  5. Full-body workout


You will never again be limited to where you can go fly fishing. A paddle board allows you to navigate areas of lakes, bays, oceans and ponds that cannot be accessed by boat or foot. With a paddle board, you can navigate super shallow water, tight coves, and areas close to islands & land where populations of fish thrive. In terms of mobility, paddle board paddles allow SUPs to have superior agility (compared to boats) to quickly and easily reach spots where the fish are.


When you fish from a paddle board, you’re about 2-6 inches above the water, depending on the type of paddle board you have (inflatable, hard or soft). We recommend fishing from an inflatable paddle board because it enables you to sit the highest above the surface of the water (6 inches). Plus, there are plenty of other advantages to fishing from an inflatable. Standing only a few inches above the water offers you front row seat to view all the fish that are near you. Lastly, fishing-specific paddle boards have an expensive deck pad, which offers you a generous amount of room to freely move about your board.


One of the most important benefits of fly fishing from a SUP is how silently it moves along the surface of the water. Sneak up on your prey to score the catch of the day. Ultimately, there is less of chance that you will scare away fish while SUP fishing.


Fly fishing from a SUP gives you ample room to properly cast your line. Never again will you have to worry about casting into bushes or hitting anything or anyone with your line.


Unlike fishing from a boat or on land, SUP fishing guarantees a solid workout. Paddling your SUP from land to your favorite fishing spots will work almost every muscle in your body. Paddle boarding incorporates all the key elements of a full-body: strength, balance, core and endurance. See how many calories you burn while paddle boarding here. A bonus to your workout will be the extra weight of your fishing gear. While cruising from point A to point B might sound strenuous, but your constant movements will help keep you focused on everything that’s going on around you.

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Douglas Robichaud -

Doug is a content writer at ISLE Surf & SUP who has been surfing and paddle boarding for over 10 years. With a degree in English/Journalism, Doug has been an outdoor adventure content writer for over four years. Since joining the ISLE team, he has become a paddle board expert in all topics ranging from products, basic tutorials, tips and tricks, SUP safety, and new trends.


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