Gift a Paddle Board This Season!

Gift a Paddle Board This Season! Image
Having a hard time finding a holiday gift for your family, friends, or kids? Ride into the season with presents sure to be loved by everyone on your list. From Hanukkah to Christmas and all of the celebrations in between, you can win at gift giving this year with a quality present that also encourages […]...Read More

How To Stay Healthy

How To Stay Healthy Image
Fad diets and get skinny quick schemes are out. Why? Because the rise of the number of health conscious people has also brought about a shift in what “being healthy” actually means.  The health conversation is no longer focused solely on people’s perception of your body. It’s an internal affair on how you nurture mind, […]...Read More

Ways That Paddle Boarding Can Relieve Stress

Ways That Paddle Boarding Can Relieve Stress Image
Stress is a fact of life — even without the recent turmoil caused by the pandemic. While the health crisis has undoubtedly increased stress levels across the world, it’s safe to say that there’s a good chunk of us always on the lookout for “ways to relieve stress.” There are certainly many things that can contribute […]...Read More

What is SUP Yoga?

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Simply put, SUP yoga (stand up paddle board yoga) is practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board in the middle of a body of water. SUP yoga is best practiced on calm bodies of water like lakes, bays or harbors. ...Read More

Stand Up Paddle Board Safety

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A Guide to SUP Safety The popularity of stand up paddle boarding has been skyrocketing across the ocean, rivers, lakes, canals, and ponds everywhere. Because this new sport is so thrilling, people often forget how dangerous it can be and that safety precautions have to be taken before paddling out. To educate you, we offer […]...Read More