Exploring Local Water With Your SUP

Exploring Local Water With Your SUP Image
Perks of not being able to do much more than stay local? You get to explore local!  Your wanderlust travels have been pushed off until further notice, summer camps have been cancelled, events postponed with no reschedule date to be seen… The list goes on. We’re right there with ya. But here’s to finding silver […]...Read More

Which Style SUP is Right for You?

Which Style SUP is Right for You? Image
Anyone else in quarantine finding themselves daydreaming about gliding through sparkling waterways, breathing in the fresh air and getting a full-body workout outside of your home?  Yeah, us too.  Turns out, paddle boarding is a great way to boost your mental and physical health, while still maintaining social distancing. Depending on what your skill level […]...Read More

How To Stay Healthy

How To Stay Healthy Image
Fad diets and get skinny quick schemes are out. Why? Because the rise of the number of health conscious people has also brought about a shift in what “being healthy” actually means.  The health conversation is no longer focused solely on people’s perception of your body. It’s an internal affair on how you nurture mind, […]...Read More

16 Dogs on SUPs

16 Dogs on SUPs Image
Nothing is better than getting on the water with your canine side kick, and if you’ve taken your pup paddle boarding before then you know how much fun it can be. We’ve rounded up some amazing photos of paddle boarding dogs for your viewing pleasure. Scroll on to see the top photos of our favorite […]...Read More

PEAK Navigator

PEAK Navigator Image
Who is PEAK and why is it in ISLE’s showroom? PEAK was born in 2016 as ISLE’s Amazon-specific paddle board brand. As the Amazon market took off, we knew that we needed to get with the times and get a product that we could sell at a lower price point, but still with the ISLE […]...Read More