Customer Spotlight: ISLE Board Giveaway Winner

During our Earth Week Event this past March, we gave a Voyager away to one lucky winner. That one lucky winner was half mountain mom, half desert dweller, Gita (@letusrunwild) from Arizona. It’s been a few months since we’ve been in touch with Gita, so we decided to reach out to see how she was enjoying her new ISLE paddle board.

The Best Places to Paddle Board

Q1. How did you get into paddle boarding?

A: I won and IG giveaway from ISLE💜.

Q2. What features on your board do you like the most?

A: The tie down system is great for SUP camping, I was surprised how much I could actually fit on the board. I also love the pull out handle, makes for super easy handling. And let’s be honest, it’s such a pretty board!

Q3. Where is the best place that you have taken your board?

A: Black Canyon.

Customer Spotlight

Q4. If you could go anywhere on your paddle board where would you go?

A: Somewhere tropical.

Q5. What are your must have items when going out on the water?

A: Drinkable water/snacks, sunblock and a good hat.

Q6. If you could paddle with anyone who would you choose and why?

A: Good friends who enjoy laughing as much as I do.

Customer Spotlight

Q7. How would you define a great adventure?

A: Lots of laughter, beautiful sights/views, being out in nature and fresh air, being tired yet exhilarated at the end of the day.

Q8. Do you have any tips for beginner paddle boarders?

A: Honestly,  I’d say be patient and have fun. It’s okay if you fall in the water or go in circles. To progress, work on form and balance, a micro bend in your knees will help with the later.

Q9. Why do you love your ISLE?

A: It gave me the chance to explore places with my daughter and dogs that I probably wouldn’t go without the board. It’s also such a great workout.

Customer Spotlight

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