Earth Week with SeaTrees

This Earth Week at ISLE, we are partnering with SeaTrees, a non-profit organization that is on a mission to plant 1 MILLION SeaTrees!

There is an alerting amount of the decline in the health of our ocean’s ecosystem within the last decade and we are wanting to help restore these waterways. So for this Earth Week, we are donating a portion of every board sold to plant a SeaTree! 

2 people paddling on bay

What is a SeaTree? 

A seatree can be any plant in the ocean that aids in restoring the ecosystem. This can range from mangrove or kelp forests, coral reefs, and plots of seagrass. We have decided, with the help of all of you, to push our resources to aid with planting kelp in the Palos Verdes area.

So far with their partnership with The Bay Foundation, they have restored more than 50,000sq ft and we are hoping we will be able to help continue to grow this project! 

seal in kelp forest

How are they restoring the Palos Verdes area?

This area has been overrun by purple urchin barrens, so first and foremost they need to remove them and clear the area. Once they do so, they are able to replant, restore, and welcome back marine life! 

Watch more about the Palos Verdes project here.

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