What size Bag Should I get for my board?

When choosing a bag, make sure to select a bag your board will fit into without having to force it in. Your paddle board bag size should be slightly larger than your board.   Below is a chart of our bag sizes and boards they fit:  Make chart of boards and bags ...Read More

My pump gauge isn’t registering…now what?

The PSI gauge will not move until you have reached around 7-8 PSI and we recommend inflating to 15 PSI. Surprisingly, the board can feel hard and fully inflated when still under 7 PSI. Simply continue to pump the board until the PSI gauge begins to register.  There is no concern of over inflating the board […]...Read More

Do you offer repairs?

We do not offer a repair service at ISLE. If you have damage to your board, we recommend taking it to a local surf or boat repair business. ...Read More