How can I clean my board?

After each use it is best to rinse your paddle board off with fresh water to remove any dirt, debris, or residue.  If there is dirt that cannot be rinsed away a mild dish soap or cleaner can be used.  We recommend using one that does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach to ensure […]...Read More

How do I care for and store my hard board?

After a day of paddling you want to make sure to rinse your board off with fresh water to remove any dirt of debris.  If you have a board bag, you then want to make sure to dry the board completely before putting the board in the bag.  For storage it is best to keep […]...Read More

The gauge on the pump isn’t registering, now what?

The PSI gauge will not move until you have reached around 7-8 PSI and we recommend inflating to 13-17  PSI. Surprisingly, the board can feel hard and fully inflated when still under 7 PSI. Simply continue to pump the board until the PSI gauge begins to register.  There is no concern of over inflating the board […]...Read More

Do you offer repairs?

We do not offer a repair service at ISLE. If you have major damage to your board, we recommend taking it to a local surf or boat repair business.  If you have a small leak, dent, or crack we do sell repair kits for both our hard boards and inflatables available on our Parts Section listed […]...Read More