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How To Plan The Perfect SUP Fishing Trip

Posted on June 17, 2022 by Nazli Flores

Up a creek, down a river, or out in the middle of the ocean—those are often the first places we think of going to fish, but those plans usually include being on a boat, so what about a paddle board? One of the many benefits of SUP fishing is that a paddle board allows easy access to the crooks and crannies of waterways that are inaccessible by boat. So, whether you’re a seasoned angler, or a beginner wanting to take on a new adventure, we’re going to help you plan the perfect SUP fishing trip, featuring our paddle board designed for fishing, the Sportsman.

Scout Your Location

The first step in the most adventurous of SUP fishing trips is knowing where to go! While we could try to recommend a spot in every state, we know the possibilities are endless. From your local lake, to your closest national park, the options are plentiful, so instead, let’s talk about what to look for when choosing your fishing spot.

First off, while a board like the Sportsman has a wider template for added stability, fishing on a SUP still requires finding your balance, so checking the weather is one of the top things you should monitor. Wherever you go, it’s important to check the forecast to avoid windy conditions, and the water temperature which can impact the success of your fishing ventures. As you may know, there are both cold-water fish and warm-water fish, so depending on the fish you want to target, choose your location based on the species of fish you want to find. If you choose to paddle in a coastal area, we suggest you check the tide charts for optimal paddling.

When choosing a spot to fish, it’s also important to know the laws and regulations of where you are fishing. Most states require a fishing license to fish in certain locations, or have catch-and-release laws, so make sure you look into the requirements in your respective state before heading out onto the water and casting your rod.

Get To Know Your SUP

Next, you’ll want to know your fishing vessel from all ends, and in this case, it will be your paddle board! If you want to bring along a tackle box, a cooler, or additional accessories, this will all depend on how well-equipped your SUP is to support bringing these tools along.

We’re going to use the Sportsman to explain how a SUP can help you bring all the fishing essentials along with ease. The Sportsman showcases a 6-point bungee system on both the nose and tail so you can securely store any gear you bring along, and three pre-installed mount plates. Our favorite adapter to install a wide range of accessories is from Scotty and can be purchased here, alongside some of our favorite accessories that are ideal for SUP fishing.

In addition, the Sportsman is designed to enhance your fishing experience by providing added stability with its wider template, and unique shape to easily maneuver close quarters. The brushed finish on the traction pad offers optimum comfort and grip while you sit, kneel, or stand to make your fishing trip all the more enjoyable.

To make your fishing trip even more adventurous, the Sportsman features webbing loops for the attachment of our ISLE Kayak Seat coming later in 2022. These are the things we recommend you know about your board so that once you arrive to your fishing location, you’re ready to easily set up your customizable fishing platform on your SUP, and ready to venture out into the water.

Master The Art Of Exploring The Water

Now that you’ve picked a spot, gotten to know your board, and have your accessories all squared away, you’re ready to dive into the best part of your SUP fishing trip! The feeling of getting out on the water, relaxing, and shifting your focus on catching fish is a rewarding feeling that will keep bringing you back to your favorite spots time and time again. Depending on whether you slowly paddle your way toward a school of fish, or usher in a big bass with your pick of bait, it will all require practicing your balance, for both beginners and pros.

If you’re just starting out, it may be good practice to start with a simpler setup, as you learn to maneuver the waters with your paddle, all while learning to have your fishing rod in easy reach. Investing in an anchor you can attach to your paddle board’s d-rings or webbing loops, as seen in the Sportsman, is also something we recommend. It can help you keep steady in one spot so you can focus on reeling in fish, and also keeps you steady so you don’t scare your next big catch away while paddling.

As you practice finding your balance, paddling in different waters, and trying to catch different species of fish, you can enjoy all the benefits of SUP fishing! No need to steer a boat and no need to worry about not fitting into close quarters—a fishing SUP like the Sportsman is the perfect fishing companion for every adventurous SUP fishing trip. The angler life is a balanced life, and we know there’s a lot more left to explore; happy fishing!


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