Isle Carbon Fiber 3-Piece Adjustable Travel Paddle

Posted on July 6, 2014 by Marc Miller

Finally we have a solution to traveling with a paddle. With the Isle Carbon 3-piece Paddle you can just about store your paddle anywhere. With the tallest piece measuring at 37” inches you can fit it in larger luggage or a backpack and definitely the overhead bins on a plane.

I personally have had many issues with traveling with one piece set paddles. Having the right size, dealing with broken shafts, and damaging the blade in transport. But, with the Isle 3-piece all of these issues have been solved. Also since it is adjustable I never have to worry about the size and length being correct and it is ready for use by other paddlers ie: friends or family of all sizes that want to give it a try.

Ultimately for paddle strength you want a one-piece paddle amongst your quiver, but for travel and for multi person use I highly recommend the 3-piece. This paddle compares in both strength and weight and really has no disadvantages. The 3-piece has been tested and passed in both surf and flat water.

So if you’re constantly on the move and want a convenient paddle to bring along the Isle Carbon 3-piece Adjustable Travel Paddle comes highly recommended.


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Co-Founder of Isle Surf & SUP. I started Isle back in 2004 to share my love of paddling and surfing in the ocean with others one board at a time. I love to surf, paddle , travel and write about it. When im not in the office I can be found on foreign shores searching for waves and fun.


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