Isle Employee Spotlight introduces Jay in Customer Service

Jay isle customer service agent and team rider

Introducing Jay – The Face of Isle Customer Service

Jarreau, also known as Jay is one of our amazing customer service employees that has received numerous compliments and referrals for how patient and knowledgeable he is. Jay grew up in Paradise Hills, San Diego and begun surfing at a young age then started paddle boarding two years ago. Being a quintessential San Diegan with a great attitude, hard work ethic and years of water experience, he is the perfect person to assist you over the phone. Jay is well educated in surfing and paddle boarding and will be available Monday-Friday at our office ready to help you with any questions or concerns you have or maybe a quick casual conversation, because he is such a good listener. Contact Jay or any of our other amazing employees at (888) 569-7873.

Jay isle customer service representative blowing off a long work week at isle head quarters

Some Interesting Jay Facts:

How long have you worked for Isle Surf & SUP? 
Since May 2014

What is your favorite paddling style?
Surf, pleasure cruise, all of it!

Where is your favorite paddling spot?
Church’s, Coronado

Do you have any secret talents?

  • Knows every word to Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love You.”
  • Proficient in air guitar, air bass, and air drums
  • Will visit a cowboy bar to line dance even though I don’t  line dance

When you’re not paddling, you are…?
Surfing, riding motorcycles, snowboarding, reading an actual book and improving terrific family recipe for brownies.

What is your favorite Isle Paddle board?
The board that can do it all, The Glider AW!

jay nisle team rider catching a wave in La Jolla with an isle versa board

Isle Employee Spotlight – Jay

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