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Posted on March 15, 2020 by Roxy Ng

Who is PEAK and why is it in ISLE’s showroom?

PEAK was born in 2016 as ISLE’s Amazon-specific paddle board brand. As the Amazon market took off, we knew that we needed to get with the times and get a product that we could sell at a lower price point, but still with the ISLE standard of quality. This is when PEAK came fruition.

Key Features

The PEAK Navigator has a lot of similarities to the ISLE Versa with the main differences being features and accessories, not the mention it costs a fraction of the price. The Navigator is constructed with an EPS blank and Thermal Molded Epoxy. This process creates a strong durable outer shell, that is lightweight and stable. Your board will come with a grooved center handle, a Dolphin 9ft straight leash and an aluminum paddle. The simplistic design comes in two colors aqua and blue, boasts a 4-point bungee system, a colorful traction pad and a black nylon center fin.

Ideal for beginners and riders of all ages, you can learn on and grow with the Navigator while you advance your skillset.

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