Sailing & Paddling Around the World

ready to set sail on the catamaran with paddle board in tow

It’s a dream that a lot of people have; quit your job, pack your belongings and sail around the world with your best friend and dog. This particular dream is being lived out by our friends Renato and Sarah who will be sailing around the world chasing new experiences on their 40 ft. Catamaran. Tired of the day to day hustle and mainstream way of living Sarah and Renato decided to leave their stable jobs, buy a boat and travel the world in search of memories, exploring remote places and meeting new people.

“Tired of the day to day hustle and mainstream way of living”

The Crew

Both Sarah and Renato come from very professional careers in sales and communications but their passion for exploring the unknown led them a different way. As the old saying goes, Let Your Dreams Set Sail!

nice and glassy wave on the shores of a remote beach

Renato: Renato is an enthusiastic surfer, avid kite boarder, curious paddle board explorer and business administrator director. Renato is fluent in three languages and will be learning one more while sailing. When I asked him what he is most excited for he said, “I can’t wait for the Pacific Islands as there is thousands of them not widely explored.

posing with the pooch in the tide pools on an inflatable paddle board

Sarah: Sarah is a tireless stand up paddler, nosy diver, dog whisperer and communication director. I asked Sarah what their diet will be like while traveling and she replied, “We carry a lot of fishing and spearfish gear so whatever the ocean can provide us it will be a blessing and our favorite meals. We plan to do mostly coastal sailing so we only carry food for a few weeks. And we will try to source fresh fruits and vegetables in each new location.”

What is the route they will be taking?

a quick candid on the stern of the catamaran before setting sail

They are set to sail in a couple weeks once their dog Feijo arrives and the winds settle down. Being that they want enjoy every location the entire trip will take around 5 years. The plan is to start in the Mediterranean and travel West with the trade winds as they are always running away from Hurricane and Cyclone seasons plus weather in general is completely unpredictable. Renato says what he is most nervous about is, “there is really strong winds in the Mediterranean, and it has made even cargo ships go around. We had plan to stay on anchor during most of the locations, but with this weather it is safer to be on Marinas, which is something that we were not counting on our budget and it can more than double it.”

“the entire trip will take around 5 years”

dog relaxing below decks

Their SUP Quiver

Sarah paddles daily and loves to practice SUP Yoga so she brought her Isle women’s iSUP along the trip. She also mentioned how an inflatable SUP is great to have on a boat because it doesn’t ding and when deflated rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag and stores easily. Renato has his Glider All Water on board and he’s stoked to surf every surf destination along the way (i.e. Canary Islands, Barbados, Galapagos, Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji, Indonesia, and Maldives). In addition to their other standup paddle boards they also are bringing along the Megalodon which their dog Feijo is most excited about. Sarah was saying how she is excited for the Mega because she’ll be able to go paddling with her friends while bringing Fiejo on board too.

“An iSUP is great to have on a boat because it won’t ding the boat and when deflated it stores easily”

the catamaran in the harbor getting squared away before the adventure

Want to be a part of their trip? Follow The Journey 

If you’re just as jealous as we are about their trip but you want to live vicariously through them, you can follow their journey on Facebook as well as their website, where they’ll keep everyone updated as well as detail on how you can be their guest during certain parts of the trip.

paddling around on some Isups while anchored docked

If this inspires you to sail around the world read a couple more stories; here’s one about how this one woman sailed around world for 10 years or the video below which is about this guy who quit his job and sailed around world.

Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat from kevinAfraser on Vimeo.

a friendly paddle board race along the coastal waters of a seaside town


Sailing & Paddling Around the World – Living the Dream

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