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Sunglasses & SUPs: A Waterman’s Glasses

Posted on April 8, 2015 by Marc Miller


Born and raised in San Diego like ourselves Hoven has stayed true to their roots by being based in SD, the epicenter for surf culture. Having a broad audience from surf and skate to bikers and fisherman SD encompasses it all with arguably the best waves in California, 11 of the 25 biggest Bass have been caught here and we hosted one of the first public skate parks in the world.

Hoven staying true to SD just hired their new Global Brand Manager Loren Laguens a San Diego native who has made a huge impact in the action sports industry working with some of the largest brands over the past 10 years (Dragon, Big Black, Cali’s Finest, Hart and Huntington).


Too few sunglass companies spend time focusing on the utility and functionality of their product so when we heard that Hoven was coming out with some sunnies specifically for the waterman we we’re SUPer excited.

Hoven had watermen and women specifically in mind when they designed the Argonaut Series of floatable sunglasses. Everyone has the same story of tragically losing an expensive pair of sunglasses while fishing or paddling, but the Argonaut is the perfect solution to style and utility. We took the Argonauts out for a paddle and were pleased with the utility and comfort of the glasses. Interestingly enough the Argonauts never fell even when wiping out which will attest to the construction and fit of the glasses. The introduction of the Argonaut Series has put Hoven in the forefront for best floatable sunglass, period. This product, with lenses made in America are specifically for standup paddle boarding.

“Argonaut Series has put Hoven in the forefront for best floatable sunglass, period”


Of course the entire lineup is on point but we want to mention a couple of our favorites here at Isle. Of course as we mentioned we love the Argonaut due to it being designed with paddle boarders in mind. In addition we also love the Mosteez in tortoise because of the perfect sized frame and assortment of different color of lenses. We were informed that the Dewey with the white matte and gold frame is getting the most pre-booking of virtually any product Hoven has had before.

In any case Hoven’s 2015 lineup is loaded with glasses for everyone and all the lenses in the collection are almost all polycarbonate and entirely polarized starting at $75. Order yours today at www.Hovenvision.com


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