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After choosing your paddle board, you’re faced with another tough decision; which type of paddle do you choose? With so many paddle options, we’ve put together a comprehensive review of all the paddles we offer and the differences between them.

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Paddle FAQ: Must Know Paddle Facts

How tall should my paddle be?

Your paddle should be 6-10’’ taller than your height. Generally, you can size your paddle on the longer side for flat water, which will yield a longer and reduced stroke rate. In contrast, your paddle should be on the shorter side for use in the surf for the reason of a faster and modified stroke.

Fixed Length Versus Adjustable Length Paddles

Fixed length paddles are shipped as one size fits all and you will have to cut the paddle to your appropriate height.  These paddles are unique and custom to the rider, so they are only advantageous if only one person will be using it. Adjustable paddles are best when multiple people of varying heights will be using the paddle. This paddle is a great choice to figure out what size paddle best suits you. We offer adjustable paddles ranging from 67’’-84’’ which translates to a person ranging from 4’9 – 6’3 tall.

Why paddle weight is important?

Paddle weight is very important because it influences how a paddle feels when you are stroking. Paddle weight is also contingent on what your paddle purpose is. For instance, if you are racing then you would prefer a lighter paddle because the heaviness of the paddle will accelerate fatigue in your arms. A lighter paddle translates into more strokes which yields more distance traveled on a paddle board. On the other hand, a heavier paddle will exercise your arms more and could potentially produce a slower stroke rate. Although the discrepancy between our heaviest and lightest paddle is 27 ounces it can make all the difference on the amount of time one is paddling.

If I don’t want the paddle that comes included with my board can I upgrade?

Absolutely! Many of our paddles come standard with your board purchase. Upgrade options are available at a discounted rate when purchasing a stand up paddle board as an option available during checkout. We recommend you upgrade your paddle if you’re looking to improve your stroke.

Here is a quick breakdown of our 4 different SUP paddles

1) ISLE Carbon Hybrid Adjustable SUP Paddle

ISLE Carbon Hybrid Adjustable SUP Paddle

Paddle Details: This is the perfect paddle for riders looking for a durable, lightweight and accommodating blade at a competitive price.

Uncut Length: 86 inches

Blade surface area: 105 square inches

Weight: 29 ounces

Price: $145

*Included Free with all Isle Epoxy Hard Boards

2) ISLE Hybrid 3 Piece Adjustable SUP Travel Paddle

 ISLE Hybrid 3 Piece Adjustable SUP Travel Paddle


Paddle Details: The perfect travel paddle – lightweight carbon that’s ideal for traveling since it breaks down into three easily transported pieces that can be placed inside any SUP travel bags for your next adventure.

Uncut Length: Adjustable from 67-84 inches

Blade surface area: 105 square inches

Weight: 34.9 ounces

Price: $145

3) ISLE Carbon Adjustable Paddle

ISLE Carbon Adjustable Paddle

Paddle Details: A super durable and tough carbon construction, these are the strongest adjustable paddles we offer. Perfect for rental fleets since they can durably withstand the daily abuse.

Adjustable Length: Adjustable from 67-84 inches

Blade surface area: 105 square inches

Weight: 32 ounces

Price: $185

4) ISLE Carbon Elite Fixed Length Paddle

ISLE Carbon Elite Fixed Length Paddle

Paddle Details: The lightest, strongest and most affordable high performance carbon fiber paddle. This is for the serious paddler who wants a responsive shaft and blade that will last.

Paddle length: 83 inches

Blade surface area: 91 square inches

Weight: 27.3

Price: $195

This review of our stand up paddles should help guide you in your decision to select the best paddle for your needs. However, if you have any questions or concerns please call our knowledgeable customer service team at 888-569-7873.


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