The Bravo BP12 Electric Inflation Pump

Posted on July 1, 2014 by Marc Miller

isle BP12 electric pump

Tired of dealing with your hand pump to pump up your inflatable SUP/ISUP? The Bravo BP12 is your solution. This electronic pump is super easy to transport and use. The pump and all of its parts stores easily in its own travel bag making it a breeze to keep all of the pieces together and ready to use in a snap in a mad dash to get on the water.

isle team rider rich product test the BP12 inflatable pump

This pump is made to hook up to a 12 volt battery of any car and can both inflate and speed up the process of deflating as well. Though it is electric you never have to worry about over pumping and damaging your ISUP as it will stop automatically when the selected pressure is reached.

inflatable paddle board blown up using the bp12 electric pump

I personally don’t mind using the hand pump but there are often times where I am headed for a paddle after work and only have an hour or so of daylight left to paddle. In this situation the electric pump is a lifesaver and gets me out on the water with time to spare. Then when I return fatigued, thirsty, hungry, tired, and it is getting dark I use it again for a quick deflate and store to avoid any post paddle melt downs waiting for the ISUP to deflate.

isle BP12 electric pump

All in all the Bravo BP12 Electric Pump is a must have for any regular ISUP users that want to add a couple minutes in the water and avoid post paddle melters.


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