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2022 Fall Gear Guide

The season of discovering more is here. Whether it’s discovering a new trail to hike, a new waterway to paddle on, or finding new ways to decompress after long work days, the possibilities that fall brings are endless.

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Is Paddle Boarding Hard?

When looking for a

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How To Improve Your Paddle Board Technique In Less Than 24 Hours

When it comes to your paddle board technique, you may feel like you're lacking in some areas. Your paddle stroke is desperately missing a full range of motion and your SUP stance needs some fine-tuning. It's natural to feel that way when you're first learning how to paddle board, or when you want...

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Why You Should Get An Inflatable Kayak

We all want to adventure on the water with ease, taking in all that nature has to offer us in breath-taking ways, and one of the best ways to do that is via inflatable kayak. There are a plethora of amazing benefits when it comes to an inflatable kayak, which is why we’ll be talking about what it...

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18 Years Of Living Better In Balance

A quick internet search for the definition of ISLE will lead you to find that ISLE means “a small island.” And on that small island, you can find a strong sense of calm, loads of adventure, space to breathe, the grace to fall, and the opportunity to laugh as loud as you’d like. All the things tha...

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Meet Rob Underwood: He Turned His Mega Into A Boat

Something we love most about our customers is seeing just how adventurous, joyful, and creative they are. We love to say that our boards are always so much more than just paddle boards, and Rob Underwood seems to agree. Inspiring people all around him on the coast of Maine, Rob was able to turn his

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Can You Use A Paddle Board As A Kayak?

There’s an overarching question many ask when it comes to inflatable paddle boards: is this better than a kayak? Well, we didn’t want customers to have to choose between the two, which is why we created the

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How Paddle Boarding Can Help You Reduce Screen Time

Do you ever wonder:

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