Our hybrid design combines the characteristics of several boards to create one unique shape.

What is a Hybrid Surfboard?

Hybrid surfboards have grown in popularity in recent years, but what is their hype all about - or better yet, what even is a hybrid surfboard? A hybrid surfboard, as the name implies, can best be described as a cross between a fish and shortboard design.

What Makes a Hybrid Surfboard Special?

A hybrid surfboard combines the best characteristics of a few boards making them highly versatile. , The hybrid surfboard design takes advantage of fish design elements such as extra volume, which helps with flotation and stability while still taking notes on the performance characteristics that are borrowed from a traditional shortboard design. The extra volume on these models are ideal for those average to below-average surf condition days, yet versatile enough to excel in head-high plus waves. Simply put, a hybrid surfboard is built for surfers who want a high wave count and lots of performance features from several shapes in one package. Learn more about the various surfboard types and for help choosing a surfboard, check out our Beginner’s Surfboard Guide. At ISLE, we are dedicated to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your board, which is why we offer our 60 Day Ride It Guarantee and as an added bonus, all of our board orders come with free shipping. Order today!


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