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What is a Longboard Surfboard?

When it comes to surfboarding, no other type of board is more iconic than the longboard surfboard. Dating back to when surfing was first invented, surfers have been catching waves on longboards. But what makes these boards so special?

Longboard Surfboards Are The Ideal Beginner Surfboard

First off, regardless of your skill level, everyone can enjoy what a traditional longboarding experience has to offer. These models are designed for generating speed, big sweeping turns – and of course, walking the nose. That being said, longboards are hands down considered to be the best boards for learning how to surf! Why? It's simple. The board's additional length and thickness allow for superior stability, making it easier to stand up and catch waves! As a beginner surfer, your goal is to paddle in, stand up, and ride. Longboards are the perfect design to help make this happen! Need help choosing a longboard? Read our What Size Longboard Surfboard Guide to help point you in the right direction. At ISLE, we want to ensure you love your longboard, which is why offer our 60-Day Ride It Guarantee. And as an added bonus, all of our paddle boards and surfboards come with free shipping! Now get out there and hang ten!


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