What size bag should I get for my board?

When choosing a bag, make sure to select a bag your board will fit into without having to force it in. Your paddle board bag size should be slightly larger than your board.

We have our Paddle Board Day Bags that come in two different sizes.  The 10’6″ size is perfect for the Versa, Cruiser, and Outpost and the 11′ size will fit the Glider.  Our Touring Day Bag comes in an 11’6″ size and is designed specifically to fit our Voyager.

All of our inflatable paddle boards, with the exception of the Megalodon, come with an iSUP Travel Bag that will fit the board when deflated along with all its accessories.  The inflatable boards are too thick to fit in the traditional board bags we sell.  A great option if you are looking for protection for your inflatable board to use while inflated is the UV Sock.  We do not carry these, however there are many out on the market that will provide heat and sun protection for your board.