Dear ISLE customers,

In recent days we have seen an increase in fake websites and fake Facebook/Instagram Ads trying to sell ISLE Paddle boards at ridiculously low prices. These websites are FAKE. Scam websites are popping up every day and they only have one objective: copy our brand to steal money from you. They will try to sell you an ISLE paddle board for $99, $89 or even $79 and you will never receive a board.

We want to remind our customers that ISLE Paddle Boards are ONLY sold directly through our website or on ISLE’s Amazon page and through our ISLE outlet store in San Diego. We do not sell through any third-party vendors or sites.

Our official Facebook account is and our official Instagram account is

Any other website than or any ad from another company than ISLE leading to another website than should be considered scam, especially if the prices are too good to be true (ie. anything less than $595). Thank you for helping us combat fraud by reporting fraudulent ads on social media platforms.

We are doing everything we can to take these websites and fake ads down as soon as possible. In the meantime we want to thank you for being cautious while shopping online and helping us battle online scammers. If you have purchased an ISLE board through one of these fake websites or if you think you have been a victim of online fraud, please contact your bank or credit card company immediately to report the charge as fraudulent.

Thank you,

The ISLE Team