10 Products for Women Who Love the Outdoors

Grand Trunk Hammocks
Outdoor products for her Ladies — so much innovative outdoor gear is created constantly that it’s hard to stay informed with the latest & greatest products. After sifting through 2017’s most sought out gear, we narrowed it down to our 10 favorites. So sit back, relax and sit by a warm campfire while we spill […]...Read More

How to Paddle Board with Your Kids

Paddle Boarding with Kids
Benefits of paddle boarding with your kids It’s about time to set aside your kid’s electronics and introduce them to the magnificent outdoors via a stand up paddle board. Paddle boarding is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your kids outside. In this day & age, taking your kids (or toddlers!) on outdoor […]...Read More

ISLE Surf & SUP’s 2017 Board Catalog

ISLE 2017 Board Catalog
2017 Board Lineup Our new 2017 board lineup just got way sexier. We designed a catalog to help you get acquainted with our killer new board lineup. If you’re digging one of the paddle boards or surfboards in our catalog, hover your mouse or finger over your favorites and click for more details. *For mobile users – click the […]...Read More

Family of Ancient Hawaiian Sea Turtles Discovered

Stand up paddle boarding with sea turtles
Paddle boarding with sea turtles As told by ISLE Advocate Lauren Hawaii is known for its amazing beaches, diving and hiking. It’s also becoming more and more known for its vast paddle boarding locations, as well as the highly-desired sea turtle encounter. On a recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, I had one of […]...Read More