ISLE Surf & SUP’s 2017 Board Catalog

ISLE 2017 Board Catalog
2017 Board Lineup Our new 2017 board lineup just got way sexier. We designed a catalog to help you get acquainted with our killer new board lineup. If you’re digging one of the paddle boards or surfboards in our catalog, hover your mouse or finger over your favorites and click for more details. *For mobile users – click the […]...Read More

Family of Ancient Hawaiian Sea Turtles Discovered

Stand up paddle boarding with sea turtles
Paddle boarding with sea turtles As told by ISLE Advocate Lauren Hawaii is known for its amazing beaches, diving and hiking. It’s also becoming more and more known for its vast paddle boarding locations, as well as the highly-desired sea turtle encounter. On a recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, I had one of […]...Read More

Why SUP Fishing is the Next Big Thing

SUP fishing
Fishing paddle boards What if we told you that there was a new and better way to enjoy fishing? Whether you’re a fishing veteran or want to get into the sport, stand up paddle board fishing (SUP fishing) is the latest and greatest angler’s trend. Today’s fishing paddle boards are coming decked out with everything […]...Read More

The 7 Best National Parks for Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding at national parks
Paddle boarding at National Parks Let’s face it: national parks are hands-down the most epic destinations to go paddle boarding.  Out of the 59 National Parks in the United States, we filtered through each one to find the most stellar destinations to fulfill your paddle board dreams. For each park, we give you the low-down […]...Read More

10 Best Gifts for the Outdoorsman

The Ultimate Buyers Guide This Season We want to take the stress out of your shopping this year. We know your goal is to find the perfect gift for your friends & family (or even for yourself), and that is why we have made it easy for you to find the best gifts for any […]...Read More

Stand Up Paddle Board Safety

SUP safety
A Guide to SUP Safety The popularity of stand up paddle boarding has been skyrocketing across the ocean, rivers, lakes, canals, and ponds everywhere. Because this new sport is so thrilling, people often forget how dangerous it can be and that safety precautions have to be taken before paddling out. To educate you, we offer […]...Read More

New Trend: SUP Camping (What You Need to Know)

SUP camping in California
SUP Camping People have been going on kayak and canoe camping trips practically since the beginning of time (not really, but close enough). Lately, people have been using their paddle boards to go to unique camping destinations. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? How to go SUP camping So how does one go SUP camping? It’s […]...Read More