ISLE Soft Top Fish

This Fish is the answer to those small to average days. This is the board that will turn mediocre waves into a fun filled beach day! Designed for beginner to advanced surfers alike, the Soft Top Fish is the perfect all-purpose soft board.

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The Soft Top Fish is the soft version of the extremely popular modern hi volume hybrid fish surfboard. With its wider nose and tail, wider mid-section and constant curve, the shape creates functional volume allowing for all experience levels to have fun. The design features a subtle entry rocker and full rail contour, that combined make the board extremely easy to paddle and just as easy to catch waves on without sacrificing performance. The combination makes the Soft Top Fish the perfect board for everyone from, the first time surfer, intermediate or pro to get out on the water and catch waves.

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Length Width Thick Volume Weight Capacity
5'6" 21" 2.75" 42 L 6.4 LBS 185 LBS

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