ISLE Soft Top Longboard

This Longboard is the ultimate softboard for all surfers in all types of waves. Great for novice surfers looking to improve their skills, first timers starting their legacy and experienced riders looking to have fun. It is the perfect blend of stability and performance allowing you to get out and get lots of waves.

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The ISLE Soft Top Longboard is designed to be the perfect blend of a short and longboard. It’s a great introduction to the fun, fluid, relaxed style of longboarding in a slightly smaller sized package making it easy to learn on and navigate in the surf.

Wrapped in soft construction the traditional longboard inspired shape features gentle entry rocker, a rounder full nose, full rail contour and a tri fin set up.

The result is the perfect combination of flow, stability with a hint of performance, making the board extremely fun for every level of surfer. Designed for small to med sized waves of any beach, the Soft Top Longboard is a great addition to any surfer’s collection of boards.

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Length Width Thick Volume Weight Capacity
7'0" 22" 3.25" 70 L 8.9 LBS 225 LBS
8'0" 22.5" 3.25" 86 L 11.4 LBS 250 LBS
9'0" 24" 3.5" 98 L 14.5 LBS 275 LBS

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