ISLE Mini Longboard

The Mini Longboard is your go-to mid-length epoxy board that has enough volume to catch small waves easily while still retaining maneuverability. Overall, great for maximizing fun on the slower days and a must-have for any quiver.

Comes standard with the Futures F8 2+1 Fin Setup + 8-inch Center Box Fin




The all-new Mini-Longboard is easily the most versatile and fun surfboard in our 2019 lineup. It takes the most desirable design elements of a funboard and a longboard for the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect step-down board for traditional longboard riders who want to add maneuverability without losing too much paddle power. But it’s also perfect for shortboarders who want the benefits of a longboard without sacrificing the responsiveness of shorter thrusters.

The Mini-Longboard surfboard features a flat entry rocker through the nose and well past the center of the board. It’s a true wave catcher with tons of paddle power. Based on feedback from a few surf trips in Indonesia and Hawaii, we decided to add a bit more tail rocker to the 2019 version for increased control in steeper and more powerful surf. The result is a performance-oriented tail section that turns on a dime when your back foot is positioned directly above the fins.

Shortboard riders love the updated design and fin system in everything from knee-high to head-high waves. But don’t let the tail fool you, this is still a longboard-friendly ride. Pop up closer to the center of the board for instant speed down the line or cross-step your way to the nose for some hang ten time on fatter waves and slower beach breaks.

Epoxy construction keeps the Mini-Longboard durable and light. It has the highest impact strength available in surfboard construction. We utilize a high-density 2-pound EPS foam core with a ⅛ inch stringer for ideal flex. The 6 oz. + 4 oz. fiberglass on the deck and 6 oz. on the bottom will help your board stand the test of time. Sand finish.

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Length Width Thick Volume Weight Capacity
7'6" 22.5" 2.9" 55.8 L 10.7 LBS 245 LBS
8'0" 22.8" 3.1" 64.1 L 12.2 LBS 280 LBS
8'6" 23" 3" 66.2 L 12.6 LBS 290 LBS

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