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Stand Up Paddle Boarding: The Fastest Growing Sport in the World!

Everyone is falling in love with stand up paddle boarding for a good reason. Compared to other water sports, Paddle boarding is easy to learn and is great for all skill levels. A stand up paddle board (SUP) allows you to unplug from technology and experience the great outdoors from a different perspective.

Paddle boarding is an amazing full-body workout, provides stress relief and will improve your balance. Experience the peaceful solitude of paddling solo or enjoy with a group of your best friends, family, dogs, or significant other. There are SUP boards designed for all sorts of water activities including, fishing, surfing, yoga, racing and more. Stand up paddle boards can be used almost anywhere. Oceans, rivers, lakes — wherever your adventure takes you.


Find the Perfect Stand Up Paddle Board with ISLE


At ISLE, we carry a wide selection of stand up paddle boards including, inflatable paddle boards, epoxy paddle boards, soft top foam paddle boards, and much more. Our paddle boards are perfect for riders of all sizes and skill levels. Whether you want to leisurely paddle on a calm water lake or ride some waves, we have the perfect board for all activities.

Inflatable SUP: Inflatable paddle boards are easy to transport, store at home/car and are super durable. With the ability to fold up into a backpack, you can really take these paddle boards on any adventure. iSUPs have great stability which makes them ideal for beginners.

Epoxy SUP: Epoxy boards, also referred to as hard paddle boards, provide optimal performance and are the best option for stand up paddle surfing, SUP racing and long-distance paddles.

Yoga SUP: Yoga stand up paddle boards provide a stable and comfortable platform for your yoga flow or fitness routine.

Fishing SUP: Fishing stand-up paddle boards comes equipped with all the features you will need to reel in the catch of the day.

Surfing SUP: SUP surfing is an exciting take on traditional surfing. Surfing stand-up paddle boards are designed to be responsive in small to medium sized waves. Take a surfing SUP to your favorite surf spot for a whole new experience!

Touring SUP: Touring boards are constructed for long distance expeditions and flat water paddling. Touring paddle boards are typically designed with a pointed nose, also known as a displacement hull, which allows them to cut through water for a more efficient smooth ride. These boards are perfect for experienced paddlers who are looking to paddle longer distances.

All Around SUP: These are the most versatile type of stand up paddle boards and are perfect for a variety of SUP activities.


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