12’6 ISLE Spear Race Paddle Board

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Our new premium lightweight race board. Developed for speed, control and efficiency in a variety of conditions. Nice, streamlined designed reduces drag – allowing the rider to cover more distance with less effort.

Includes our carbon and honey comb race fin.  

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Product Description

The 12’6 Spear Race Paddle Board is a culmination of three years of R & D from ocean and flat water paddling by the Isle Race Team. The new shape includes a deep center concave into the tail for speed, tucked edges, a wide, stable tail, and advanced high volume nose for slicing water on the flats. In rougher conditions, this race board dives under swell and chop, propelling you forward and forcing water to fall away from the deck. The 3K All Carbon Construction gives it a super lightweight feel and responsive flex pattern. The Spear also comes standard with a Lift SUP carry handle, comfy diamond groove traction, and a sleek, honeycomb carbon composite race fin designed to improve speed and tracking. The Spear will boost your race game to the next level so you can grab that next podium finish!

Gallery Photos

  • ISLE Spear Race Paddle Board Lake Tahoe
  • Isle Spear Racing Sup Paddling San Diego Skyline
  • ISLE Spear Race Paddle Board Lake Tahoe
  • Isle Spear Racing Stand Up Paddle Board Paddling
  • Isle Spear Racing Stand Up Paddle Board Paddling

Board Specifications

Length Width Thick Volume Weight Rider Weight
12'6" 27" 5" 248 L 23 LBS UP TO 285 LBS

Board Performance


  1. 5 out of 5

    Commerce Township, Michigan | :

    Well, I live in Michigan and just took delivery of The Spear on December 8 so I’ll have to be patient through winter before I’ll be able to experience this great-looking board in the spring…but it’s killing me – I want to paddle!! By reading all prior reviews of those of you who have this board and have been on the water with it, I highly doubt I will be disappointed. I had the board in the middle of my living room for a while to study the unique design and totally understand the hydro-dynamics and what the Isle Team was hoping to achieve performance-wise; it all makes perfect sense. My obvious affection for the Spear made my wife joke: “Is it going to end up in bed with us tonight?!” So with a heavy heart, I placed it in storage for the next 5 months…or until the lake thaws!! One insane side note about Pilot Freight delivery: they actually harpooned right into the box with a fork lift (both blades)to load it on the truck, but miraculously missed the board entirely – truly a Christmas miracle!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    wisconsin | :

    I did not try it yet but it looks so good ,sleek and pretty ,I know it will be impossible not to love it.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Boston, MA | :

    This is definitely a great board. On flat water it’s like a bullet, in choppy waters it is more than manageable. I would recommend that you be at least decent on a paddle board before thinking about purchasing this board. Even as an athletic person, this board took at least 3 rides before I felt totally comfortable on top of it. Since then, it’s been a dream. We do most of our riding on flat water rivers and open harbor waters and it’s great in both settings.

  4. 5 out of 5

    | :

    Wow! Very fast and cuts into waves great! I would say it’s for someone advanced.. Others found it to be a little tippy for them. Fin was a tricky installing we added some dish soap to help slide it in place.

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Product Features

3k Carbon Logo

3k All Carbon Construction – The 3K All Carbon construction produces a super strong and lightweight board built to perform across the water. The flex pattern of the 3K Carbon weave makes your board spring across the chops and drive across the flatwater.

Hand Finished Epoxy Finish

Hand Finished Epoxy SUP - Each of our paddleboards are hand-finished and hand-glassed to ensure proper board integrity and direct design alignment to the master shape. High quality epoxy fiberglass construction creates a durable, lightweight board with a gleaming finish.

isle carbon race fin logo

Honeycomb Carbon Race Fin – Removable low-profile and ultra light carbon race center fin makes the board track better for flat water and ocean paddling.

Goretex Ventplug

Gortex Vent Plug -Complete protection against delamination. The specially designed, maintainance-free Gortex valve’s 2-way membrane lets air escape safely from the core of your board during rapid temperature changes on those hot, sunny days or during enclosed transport.

Lift SUP Handle

Lift SUP Handle -Our pop-out carry handle contains a flush handle with comfy, slide-out grip that creates zero carry fatigue. The tough, military-grade handle grip material lets it double as a locking device to attach a sturdy cable lock.


Diamond Groove Traction – The raised, diamond-groove pattern gives you maximum no-slip grip for quick turns in flat waters and for riding larger waves in the surf. The super soft traction pad reduces foot fatigue, plus the diamond pattern offers a catchy design.