ISLE Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board Package

Explore secluded lakes and trek into any hard to reach destination with our ultimate expedition explorer paddle board.



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The ISLE Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the touring utility SUP made for the outdoor enthusiast. This board was designed with functionality, performance, and convenience in mind; A slightly wider template on our inflatable SUPs allows for a sturdy, tough and stable platform while the 6-inch thickness increases the volume to float more weight and additional gear. A three-fin setup is perfect for tracking and balance while the increased rocker cuts through flat water and handles chop. Equipped with nose and tail handles aiding in transporting fully loaded boards along riverbanks or shorelines plus front and rear bungee system when you’re looking to bring extra gear. In addition, this board has 6 touch points in the front and 4 in the rear for extra tie-down points with bungee cords for a cooler. Because this board is constructed with military grade outer skin, it is tough and durable when in contact with rocks, car roofs or any hard surface so you don’t have to worry about dings or scratches.

A great board that is durable and strong enough to glide through waves and flat water, our explorer paddleboard is perfect for all paddlers. Equipped with deck space, stainless steel d-rings, bungee cords, carry handles, a pressure gauge, and more, this stand up paddle board is the perfect toy for any adventurer at heart. To learn more about our hard board options or inflatable SUPs, check out our website or call our experts today.

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Length Width Thick Volume Weight Capacity
11' 32" 6" 238 L 22 LBS 275 LBS
12' 32" 6" 272 L 24 LBS 300 LBS
All Around
Pet Friendly

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Board Features


Nose & Tail Grab Handles

Reinforced grab handle make transporting the board with loaded gear along riverbeds, docks or shore breaks very simple. Can also be used as tie up points for docks, or for a leash.

Front Bungee

Expandable bungee system lets riders grab and go with safe and easy gear access. Easily attach extras like sunglasses, camera, snacks – and the Coast Guard-mandated life vest now required on most waterways.

Center Grab Handle

Center-situated carry handle grooved for comfort and no-stress transport, offering maximum leverage for moving your board with ease. Sits flush on the deck when not in use for smarter storage.

Brushed EVA Traction

The soft brushed EVA traction pad gives maximum comfort under the feet and makes it non-abrasive when knee paddling or relaxing on the deck. You can count on a smooth, comfortable ride every time you paddle.

Center D-Rings

Additional center rail mounted D-Rings give you the option to add more bungees to your SUP and/or securely strap your cooler or tacklebox without the concern of it falling in. 

Rear Bungee

Expandable bungee system lets riders grab and go with safe and easy gear access. Easily attach extras like sunglasses, camera, snacks – and the Coast Guard-mandated life vest now required on most waterways.

High Pressure Valve

Quality, high-pressure inflation valve rated for up to 12 PSI. Can easily be locked into open or closed position for simple, rapid inflation or deflation – under 5 minutes.

Tail Mounted D-Rings

Fully equipped with a single stainless steel D-ring on the tail, perfect for quickly attaching a leash or tying up to a boat or dock.

Airtech Fusion Lite

The high-tech proprietary process machine coats the drop stitch with a special seal and bonding layer, and then fuses a machine-laminated, higher-density PVC layer. This process removes any human factor or errors in the bonding and creates a consistent, unique bond that’s just not achievable via traditional hand-gluing resulting in a board that’s both durable and lightweight.

Snap-In Fin

The snap in inflatable center box fin is super easy and quick to attach when you want to maximize your time on the water.