ISLE 10’5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board

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Meet our NEW beginner-friendly epoxy SUP. The Thermal Molded Construction makes this board stronger than the industry standard epoxy board. It’s your go-to SUP – safe, stable and versatile in all conditions!

Includes an adjustable hybrid carbon & plastic paddle and a center box fin.


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Product Description

The Molded Versa Epoxy Paddle Board is a modernized revamp of our classic Versa model, this time better construction and modern designs.

As with its predecessor, the Molded Versa is our most competitively priced paddle board package in a great, all-around shape.

This model offers a generous width and thickness in a classic longboard shape; it’s a one-board solution for paddlers wanting stability and versatility in both flat water and small-to-medium surf.

Thanks to the NEW Thermal Molded Construction, this board is both durable and lightweight, so it’s very easy to transport and maneuver. If you’re looking for a board that is easy to paddle – and one designed to accommodate your growing skill set and expertise out on the water – the Molded Versa is the preferred choice.

Gallery Photos

  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board Wood
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board Blue
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board Orange
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board Wood
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Boards
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board Blue
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board Orange
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board Blue
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board
  • ISLE 10'5 Versa Epoxy Paddle Board Orange

Board Specifications

Length Width Thick Volume Weight Rider Weight
10'5" 32" 4 1/2" 175 L 27 LBS UP TO 245 LBS

Board Performance


  1. 5 out of 5

    Huntington, NY | :

    Love this board. Fast and stable. Looks great too. Good beginner/intermediate board.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Los Angeles, CA | :

    I love my new ISLE Versa! I SUP in Malibu and it rides well in ocean conditions. Love the look of it too.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Seattle, WA | :

    I’m really enjoying this so far. I’m a short lady, but it’s easy enough to carry around and put on top of my car (with the help of a stool). The handle is really nice for carrying. It’s a stable board, and the textured foam pad to stand on reduces foot fatigue for me. I have really high arches, and when I rented a board without the foam pad, my feet hurt really badly afterwards. Haven’t gotten foot pain with this board. My only complaint is that it is missing the straps to store a water bottle or a bag that some of the Isle boards have. Otherwise very happy with it!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Alabama | :

    I love this board. I’m 5’6″ and 130lbs and it’s relatively easy for me to carry. I’ve only had it for a few weeks, but it seems to be very high quality. I just started taking my dog out with me on it and it hasn’t scratched, peeled, or damaged in any way. It also has a much higher weight capacity than most boards, especially for the price, so putting me and my 75lb. dog on it was no problem. It’s stable in the water, although it doesn’t have a ton of speed, so if you’re looking for the perfect recreational board, this is it. I can’t wait to try it out on the ocean. Would highly recommend!

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Product Features

Thermal Molded Epoxy Logo

Thermal Molded Technology - The process wherein the EPS blank is created in a mold, so the shape is perfectly replicated every time – with no hand shaping required. This eliminates all EPS waste that results from old school methods of cutting a blank from a large block of foam. It also creates a stronger, more durable outer shell, since density is tighter closer to the mold. The EPS blank is then heat-laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin in a mold. Overall, this more precise and earth-friendly process more accurately controls the amount of materials involved. The result? A stronger, more environmentally conscious board.


Carry Handle - Center-situated carry handle grooved for comfort and no-stress transport, offering maximum leverage for moving your board with ease. Sits flush on the deck when not in use for smarter storage.


Diamond Groove Traction – The raised, diamond-groove pattern gives you maximum no-slip grip for quick turns in flat waters and for riding larger waves in the surf. The super soft traction pad reduces foot fatigue, plus the diamond pattern offers a catchy design.


Center Fin Set Up - Includes removable center box fin for simple transport and storage as desired.