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Take your yoga practice to the water! SUPs designed for yoga, flatwater paddling and any fitness related exercise.

Take Your Yoga Practice Outdoors With An iSUP Yoga Board

When practicing yoga on a paddle board, you’ll be forced to engage new muscles and improve your core strength with the added challenge of balancing on a moving platform. Aside from building muscle and improving your yoga technique, SUP yoga can also be super relaxing as you glide through child’s pose to the downward facing dog and other yoga poses on a peaceful bay or lake. Ultimately, SUP yoga is ideal for those who want to enhance their yoga practice or for those who want to get in shape and do so in the water.


Find the Perfect Board For Your Flow


SUP Yoga can be practiced on both inflatable and epoxy paddle boards, however, the key to an excellent yoga paddle board is stability and the amount of space on your board. We recommend inflatable paddle boards for SUP yoga because they are more stable, elevate you higher above the water and offer you a more level & spacious surface to comfortably perform yoga. Inflatable stand up paddle boards are also a lot easier to carry around. To help improve your yoga practice or fitness class, we’ve included a full-length deck pad as soft as your favorite yoga mat on our 2019 Scout Inflatable Paddle Board.

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