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Diana Guaschino: Learning To Ride This Wave Solo

Colorado River & Sand Hollow Reservoir

Learning To Ride This Wave Solo

Instagram Handle: guaschamole

Location: Colorado River & Sand Hollow Reservoir

Board: ISLE Explorer


“The sports-loving surfer & his paddle boarding beach bum” – that was us. Our home base was the States, but Costa Rica had our hearts. When the surf, sand, and speaking Spanish collided, it was the perfect storm for us. However, everything changed last September…

Instead of arriving at the early morning construction project that we had volunteered for in WV, I woke up in the emergency room with glass covering me and doctors surrounding me. Somehow, I survived, but my husband – my “person,” my partner in crime for over 18 years of my life, did not.

Fast forward to May 18, 2019 – what should have been our 17th wedding anniversary. I decided to buy myself a special anniversary gift – a new inflatable SUP (our third) and make it a goal to paddle as many amazing places as I could … when I was ready for it. And so, as the one-year mark quickly approached, I decided to plan a trip out to Utah. I wanted to conquer the Narrows on my own and hike as far as I could toward Angels Landing without my fearless roofer and surfer to push me to greater heights and drop that paddle board in new bodies of water. Guess what? I did. And when we meet again, I can already see his grin. So, this new chapter is all about me living one life for the two of us and riding this wave alone as scary as that seems at times.


  • Slow, Steady & Smart: Enjoy the ride, look up, feel the water.
  • Don’t be so uptight! Keep those legs loose & slightly bent with a big smile on that face of yours.
  • And always, always have your PFD with you, hydration & snacks.
  • Let someone know your location and an ETA of your return. Happy Paddling!


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