Giovanna Ascolani: Malibu Happiness

Malibu Happiness

Location: Malibu, CA

Board:  ISLE Lotus


Relaxing on the beach before heading to the water 


Story: Almost every weekend I go up to Malibu, and for a year I watched paddle boarders go by me with envy. I have a small car and on top of that don’t have somewhere to store a paddle board, so I could never get one. Those problems all went away when I discovered Isle, at first I was skeptical of a blow up paddle board but after using it my first time that quickly went away.

The inflatable blows up to be just as sturdy as a great paddle board, and it’s so easy! Fits perfectly in my trunk with the backpack, and I’ve also been able to take it on my trips, most recently in Maui.Not only is it amazing but the customer service is also great, I lost my paddle, no idea how, but they sent me a new one the next day before my trip. It’s sturdy, the perfect width, and comes with straps in the front and back where you can store your valuables. Highly recommend!


Made it back to land!