Jack Walker: Get Out There!!

Get Out There!!

Location: Fort Myers Beach, FL

Board:  10’10 Glider


So I’m a 54 year old dude with a right hip replacement and left knee replacement too. Too heavy and looking for a fun way to work out. Heard about paddle boarding and I said “what the hell, I can do that”. Famous last words…. Holy shit did I struggle at first, even though I had done some surfing in my time. Anyway, couple of months ago, now I can go a couple of miles out and back in the Gulf of Mexico ( Fort Myers Beach). Cool place to go because of all the wildlife everywhere!! Was out there a few days ago and I hear a sound I’m used too now. Just a quick “phew”, and sure enough Mr Dolphin pops up not 20 feet away!! Long story short, I hung with My Guy at least another half hour just watching him fish til he had his fill. Cool thing is……. more stories out there!!!!

Pro Tips:

  • Get out there!!