Keven Tugend: Day on the Bay

Day on the Bay

Instagram Handle: @ktuge9

Location: Glorietta Bay in Coronado, CA

Board: ISLE Versa 


Paddling under the Coronado Bridge

I took my friends for a fun day out on Glorietta Bay in Coronado, CA. It was perfectly sunny So Cal day in October, and we had a blast! We grabbed our boards, packed some snacks and drinks for the day, and hit the water. We launched from Tidelands Park and paddled under the Coronado Bridge over to a little beach named Sting Ray Point. Some of my friends had never been paddling before but they were able to pick it up quickly. Of course there were a few spills and close calls that only added to the entertainment. We chilled on the beach and paddled around for the rest of the day before heading back before sunset. The paddle boards provided an extra element of fun, excitement, and laughter to an otherwise pretty routine weekend day. A great time was had by all!

Pro Tips:

  • Round up your friends
  • Pack drinks and Snacks
  • Prepare to have fun!

Beers are always better on the water

View of the whole bridge

The whole crew!