Liz Arnquist: Boarding at Black Rocks

Boarding at Black Rocks

Instagram Handle: @adventurequist

Location: Black Rocks in Marquette, Michigan

Board: ISLE All Around


Paddling through the cove at Black Rocks


I fell in love with paddle boarding watching people SUP while I was in college at Black Rocks in Marquette, Michigan. Three years after graduating and moving across the country (twice) I was finally able to take my All Around Inflatable all around Black Rocks. I currently live in Washington State and flew my board from Seattle to Chicago for the sole purpose of making the seven-hour drive from Chicago to Marquette to paddle at Black Rocks.

There is nothing like Lake Superior and that night was no different.

If you have been to Marquette, you’d probably made the drive on the one land road around Presque Isle Park. About halfway around the island, you will come across a little parking lot that leads to the geological wonder of Black Rocks, some of the oldest exposed rock in the world. If you follow the trail to the left, it leads to the popular cliff jumping location. If you continue straight you will end up at the rocky beach that makes the perfect place to get your SUP setup.

After assembling my SUP, I headed out into the frigid Lake Superior water (despite a surprisingly warm SUP day of about 85 degrees). I enjoyed a great trip around the rocks and cheering on the cliff jumpers.

Be sure to make your way north of the rocks, there you can watch the sunset from one of the most scenic locations in Marquette. Once the sun had set, I headed back to shore and went into town to enjoy some of the best craft beer and margaritas around.

Pro Tips:

  • Lake Superior is always cold. Colder than any alpine lake I have ever been in. Dress warmly!
  • Be sure to check out Black Rocks Brewery and Sol Azteca in town.

 Water level view                                                             Sunset at Sunset Cove