Lori Zimmerman: The Real Florida Adventure

The Real Florida Adventure

Location: King’s Landing Rock Springs, FL

Board: 10’10 Glider

Spring Run


King’s Landing in Rock Springs, FL.

The real Florida SUP adventure is not found in the ocean, rivers, and open waters of Florida. There are 1,000’s of natural springs throughout the state that offer a mystical and magical day of paddling.

Rock Springs at King’s Landing is just north of Orlando. Down a quiet road lined with large water oak trees covered in moss you arrive at King’s Landing. A small quaint shack with a friendly staff to help you launch.

The short paddle is upstream about an hour and half, the swift current is a good workout, with plenty of opportunity to take a swim in the crystal clear Spring water with a sandy bottom. The spring water is always 72 degrees, the run is narrow and lined with tropical plants and trees. There are many kinds of birds, turtles, on occasion, you can even find a gator or a manatee.

As you reach the end of the upstream run you can relax and play in an open sunny area, take another swim, and have a snack.

On the way back you are riding the current. The paddle is easy, quick, and it’s all about steering. There is still time to take in the beautiful magical scenery, the cool mist coming from the spring water, and stop at that favorite spot to take one last swim. You know your back at King’s Landing takeout when you hear the laughing up ahead from the kids jumping off the rope into the water.

Rock Springs at King’s Landing in Apopka Florida is a real Florida SUP adventure. It is a magical and mystical place out in nature that keeps me dreaming of when I can go back again.

Pro Tips:  

  • Watch out for gators
  • Don’t paddle too fast
  • Have a lazy board kind of day

Launch site at King’s Landing

Crystal clear sandy bottom