Marc Miller: Sailing Across the Tasman Sea

Sailing Across the Tasman Sea

Instagram Handle: @sailgonetroppo

Location: Tasman Sea

Board:  10’10 Glider


The View

Story: Running from the Storm

Somewhere out in the middle of the Tasman we learned of a unique island we could stop and rest on our way back to mainland Australia. The Tasman is a tricky sea with unpredictable conditions where even the most seasoned sailors can get pinched.

With a clearing of calm weather and no room for errors we made voyage the magical island of XX an X day sail away. After a calm day we made the final approach… then we felt the winds and sea begin to change. The dreaded storm we hoped to outrun was on us, making our final approach almost impossible. It was time to thread the needle into the pass or simply miss the island and run with storm for days.

We decided to head into the pass against gale force winds and stormy seas, with no more than 50 ft of clearance with reefs and breaking waves on each side. We barley pulled it off! After riding out a gale for several days at anchor behind the reefs the skies opened up to blue and we enjoyed ten days of surfing, hiking , paddling , diving and eating in one of the most pristine ecosystems on earth!

A sailing journey none of us will soon forget!


Sailing Pro Tips:

1. Sailors take warning of Capes and Horns
2. Every day on the sea is a new lesson
3. If you wanna learn to tie a knot tie a lot


Life on the Hook


Diving for Treasure


Conquering the Hike