Roxy Ng: The Best Spot To Paddle in San Diego

The Best Spot To Paddle in San Diego

Instagram Handle: @roxannesng

Location: La Jolla Shores in San Diego, CA

Board: Glider LE

Sunny day at the Shores

Story: Living where everyone vacations, means I get to paddle in the best spots year round. My all time favorite SUP Spot has to be La Jolla Cove. Not only are there beautiful caves you can paddle through, but also some of the best animal sightings takes place here. Dolphins, turtles, seals and did I mention… SHARKS! Okay, fine they are only leopard sharks, but still pretty awesome to see them swim under your board.

Before heading out to the beach,  always check the tide and swell. If you want to go into the caves, be sure that tide is low and minimal to no swell. (The waves will crash pretty hard into the caves, so just be cautious.)

Choose a calm spot to launch, I typically like to walk towards the cliffs ( if looking out toward the water, walk to the left). Once in the water and past the break it is smooth sailing from there! I like to paddle along the cliff side, this is where you can find most of the creatures. There are always kayak tours talking place over here too. Everyone is super friendly and they will guide you to where the caves are! There are a few caves that you can paddle through, but my favorite is right before Seal Beach. This cave goes all the way through like a tunnel, so you can exit easily.

La Jolla Shores is such a fun place to paddle, but don’t just take my word for it!  See you out on the water!


Pro Tips:

  • Get there early to avoid the rush! If the parking lot is a zoo you can park on the side streets and walk to the beach from there.
  • Be sure not to get too close to the seals.. they are very protective!

Paddling through the caves


Friends! A little stinky, but adorable. 

All smiles over here!