Ryan Dugan: Until Next Time

Until Next Time

Instagram Handle: @Dudeitsryo

Location: Huguenot Park Jax, FL

Board:  ISLE Explorer

Man on paddle board


The water is warm. Not an uncomfortable warmth, but the kind where no toe-dip test is necessary. Jump in.

After the SUP has been exhaustively pumped and filled with air, a proper sweat has developed.

The vessel is towed into the water, eager for its voyage. The deck is firm and the traction pad grippy. Paddle after paddle, the board and I have cruised into deeper waters.

Crabs, fish, dolphins, and sharks all watch, curious to find out how long it will take before I enter the water. Or fall in. In a flash, the water becomes more powerful, pushing then pulling the SUP and I out through the inter coastal and into sea.

The TIDE! It’s dropping, and fast. The SUP, with help from the paddle, cut through the water, eventually making it past the current…past the hungry sea creatures hoping for an easy meal.

Making our way into shore, the fin grinds through the seafloor coming to a halt.

Climbing onto the soft sand I turn around and give the water a salute. A shimmer of light catches a ripple of water, almost to give me a wink and say, “Until next time.”


Pro Tips:

  • Tip#1: if you manually pumped your inflatable, you earned it. If you used a pump, you got smart
  • Tip#2: Watch the tide
  • Tip#3: Sunscreen!